Energy and Climate Change Policy

This policy confirms our approach to be a part of the global effort to tackle climate change.As significant consumers of both non-renewable and renewable energy, we are committed to buying and using energy in a responsible, efficient and cost effective manner with the aim to reduce our carbon footprint.

To achieve this, ANAMET S.A. is committed to:

  • Comply with all energy and carbon-related legislation and other regulatory and reporting requirements;
  • Improve energy efficiency continuously by implementing effective energy management programs that support all operations while providing a safe and comfortable work environment;
  • Evaluate all infrastructure investments (new equipment, refurbishing of existing equipment) and new production processes on the basis of energy and carbon footprint contribution
  • Develop strategy to effectively identify and reduce the carbon footprint; both direct and indirect of the Company and its products;
  • Engage in industry standard initiatives to set up a carbon reduction program throughout the value chain and involve all stakeholders;
  • Train employees in energy management practices according to their role and area of influence
  • Actively engage with trade and public bodies to develop and implement best practices;
  • Regularly review and report on our performance and ensure continuous improvement.

Responsibility for the implementation of this Policy lies with the most senior executive responsible for the company. 

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