Electronics Scrap Plastics (ESP)

A wide variety of plastic scrap generated from recycling redundant Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Mixed plastic

Plastic parts generated from the WEEE recycling process. The material is baled (about 300 Kg/bale) and may contain various plastic resin types.

TV plastic

Plastic parts, a byproduct of TV sets dismantling process.  Black or grey in colour. Shipped in bales of about 300 Kg/bale. The type of resin they contain may vary depending on the manufacturer.

PC monitors plastic

Plastic parts extracted from the PC-monitors dismantling process. White or beige in colour. Baled in about 300 Kg/bale. The type of resin they contain may vary depending on the manufacturer.

Polypropylene – PP

Plastic parts containing mainly polypropylene, and reclaimed from the washing machines dismantling process.