Environmental Statement

ANAMET, in actively demonstrating its respect to the principles of social responsibility and its commitment to continuous environmental protection, has developed and implemented an environmental management system in accordance with Regulation 2009/1221/EC (EMAS III).

The statutorily required Environmental Statement summarizes the company's efforts to improve its environmental performance, ensure the prudent and rational use of natural resources; and to prevent potential adverse effects of its activities on the environment.

The ANAMET Environmental Statement contains relevant information as defined within the Regulation

The main points contained in the Statement are:

  • A clear and unambiguous description of the organization, its activities, products and services
  • The environmental policy adopted and description of the environmental management system
  • A description of all the direct and indirect environmental aspects arising from the company's activities and an evaluation of the impact to the environment related to these aspects
  • Environmental objectives and targets set to mitigate the environmental impact
  • Environmental performance indicators outlining the performance of the organization against its environmental objectives and targets
  • Other factors regarding environmental performance such as the performance against legal provisions with respect to the significance of the environmental impact
  • A reference to the applicable legal requirements environmentally related

The Environmental Statement is annually submitted to the Ministry of Environment, the sole competent Authority to evaluate the Statement, validate its content, and decide whether the prospective organization will be included in the EU EMAS Registry.