Environmental & Quality Policy

ANAMET recognizes the need for development and adoption of environmentally friendly production processes within a sustainable economic environment in harmony with nature and respect for people. Thus, it has implemented, and operates an integrated Environmental and Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 and ELOT EN ISO 14001:2004 management systems and the principles of 2009/1221/EC (EMAS) Regulation.

Following a path of sustainable development, in its approach to quality and environmental management, and strictly defined processess which provide guarantees, the company ensures no interruptions in business activities and operations. The management's ultimate goal is to seek continuous improvement in quality of its products to be combined with prudent and rational use of natural resources and minimising adverse impacts of its activities on the environment.

The main pillars of ANAMET's environmental and quality policy are:

  • Effective monitoring of relevant legislation and its implementation in all areas of the company's activities
  • Continuous improvement of internal operating systems
  • The establishment of external communication channels at all levels to ensure both the clear depiction of third-party claims (clients, suppliers, governments and other entities) of the company policy in satisfying them
  • Training, education and proper utilization of available human resources

As part of a process of continuous improvement, the company management sets objectives for the environment and the quality policy within the overall business development path. These are reviewed annually on the extent of their implementation; and new or amended ones are approved depending on prevailing conditions in a particular area of action.