Zero-Tolerance Policy

With regard to public property, especially with the country's infrastructure, the company dutifully enforces a zero-tolerance policy, aiming at maintaining its excellent reputation, as well as safeguarding its personnel integrity. Namely, any attempt to put up for sale materials of dubious origin, i.e., being part of public infrastructure or private property, unlawfully reclaimed, is immediately reported to the appropriate Authorities by the company.

ANAMET only trades with business entities which are officially registered as traders of scrap metal, and it does not purchase materials for recycling from individuals - with the exception of reasonable quantities originating from business or house renovation activities.

The company is in constant communication with the competent authorities and institutions, and is able to immediately share information on the technical specifications of suspected material put on the market.

Based on the acquired information, ANAMET is constantly notifying its partners of suspicious materials in an attempt to render illegally possessed material impossible to trade.